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In today’s business environment, availability and accessibility to company data from anywhere at any time is critical. And if your business were to lose its data due to malicious software, system crashes, or a disaster, it could potentially mean the loss of customers, vendors, partners or even the entire business. From small businesses to the large enterprise, a data protection and disaster recovery plan is critical. Your data protection plan should be addressed at multiple levels. On site backup polices, offsite data storage, retention and archival policies, industry compliance and governance are just a few points to consider. Recovery point objectives (RPO) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) should be assessed as well. These objectives will help in determining how much downtime and data loss your business can tolerate or absorb during an outage.

Enformix Technology Services is here to help. Enformix maintains certified partnerships with industry leading backup and recovery software and hardware solution vendors. We leverage these partnerships, along with years of experience, to provide our customers with the best solution for their business data protection needs.

From standard on site backup solutions to offsite repositories and full enterprise replication systems. We work with our customers to provide a data protection solution that is tailored to meet their needs, their budget and their recovery point objectives.

Some of our data protection services include: Endpoint Backups, Backup as a Service, Veeam Cloud Connect services and also Co-Location Services:

Endpoint Backup Solutions (PCs, Laptops, Servers)

Desktop and laptops are some of the most essential employee devices in your business. Oftentimes, these are the primary devices that will experience data loss. Our endpoint backup solutions protect these critical devices no matter their location or device type. Automated backup agents protect your end users devices with non-intrusive regularly scheduled backup jobs. Critical data is backed up to cloud or on premise backup repositories for quick recovery. Key features include: backup data encryption (for compliance and governance), rapid file and whole system recovery, end user driven file and folder recovery, reporting, monitoring and proactive alerting. With our endpoint backup solutions, you’ll rest assured knowing your device data is protected and always available at anytime from anywhere.

Backup as a Service (BaaS)

In the event of a data loss situation, you must feel confident that that your data recovery options are available. Unfortunately, many organizations discover that their current backup solution is not working at the worst time; when they need to restore data. This is a painful and frightening situation that many businesses have experienced.

For this reason, backup as a service is becoming a more and more popular alternative. As workloads increase, IT departments are stretched thin, data continues to grow and the high demand for the “always on” operation continues to rise. There is little to no room for downtime due to data loss, data corruption or misconfigured backup jobs. Business owners are finding more and more value to outsourcing this crucial piece of their operations technology needs.

With our BasS offering, Enformix can take the reins of your daily backup and recovery operations, allowing your staff to focus on primary business initiatives. At the same time, your data backup and recovery expenditures shift from a CapEx to a more predictable and budget friendly OpEx.

Enformix will provide and maintain all of the necessary hardware, software and licensing on premise at your facility as well as offsite repositories. All backup and recovery management tasks are handled by our trained dedicated backup professionals. Tasks including backups of workstations, laptops, physical servers, virtual servers, virtual infrastructure, job creation, backup job performance tuning, backup job success/failure alerting and reporting, dynamic sizing of backup repositories, proactive problem identification and resolution management, daily, weekly and monthly reporting on backup activities and more are all handled by our team. Customers are also provided access to an intuitive web interface that allows them to locate backups by virtual machine name, backup job, or keywords for files and folders.

When using Enformix’ s Backup as a Service solution, you’ll be able to rest assured that all of your organizations data backup, recovery and availability needs are taken care of. If you are considering a move to BaaS or would like more information, contact us today.

Veeam Cloud Connect Backup and Replication

Organizations understand the importance of maintaining copies of their data offsite. Oftentimes, these solutions require not only a secondary location, but the technical expertise needed to manage and maintain the offsite systems. We partner with Veeam software, the world leader in virtualization backup, to bring you the best in data protection and availability services. As a certified Veeam Cloud and Service Provider, Enformix provides offsite storage repositories to customers who use Veeam Software to back up their in-house systems. This provides customers a simple and cost effective method of storing data offsite, without the operational costs or technical challenges required to maintain a secondary location.

With Veeam Cloud Connect, customers need only an internet connection to connect to their cloud connect provider. Customers simply type a URL, username and password into their Veeam console. Once connected, their offsite repository will be presented to them. Customers have full control of backup and restore operations as well as full visibility into their offsite repository to view quotas, jobs, tasks and history.

New, with the latest version of Veeam Backup and Replication, Enformix now supports Replication over Cloud Connect. This allows customers to store replicas of their virtual machines in our datacenters. In the event of a disaster, customers can power up their systems in our datacenter for quick access.

Contact us today for a no-risk evaluation of your current backup solution and to see if Veeam is the right fit for your organization. We also offer a no-risk 30 day trial of our cloud connect services, as well as setup assistance.

Colocation Services

Co-location is an ideal solution for organizations that need a secure, stable and redundant environment to house their technology needs. Our Class 2 data center, located in Northwest Arkansas, was originally designed and built to so support the stringent needs of healthcare. By leveraging this hardened and tried facility, we offer our customers colocation services often found only in larger markets. Customers have physical and remote access to their racks as well as Enformix hands-on services when needed.

Whether you need a secondary location to house your offsite or replicated data, or a full production colocation system, Enformix can help.

  • Full or Half rack solutions with in rack PDU units (remotely accessible)
  • Clean power with generator backed APC Symmetra units
  • 120 volt – 20Amp, 30Amp and 40Amp power configurations
  • 208 volt (single and three phase) 20Amp, 30Amp and 40Amp power configurations
  • Redundant fiber uplinks from most major local carriers, customers can rent bandwidth or provide their own
  • SAPPHIRE clean-agent fire suppression
  • Liebert Precision cooling with environmental control monitoring and alerting
  • Fully monitored and logged access controls for physical on premise access
  • Full security system including outdoor, indoor and rack facing cameras

Enformix can also assists customers needing a co-lo in specific geographic locations. We have partnered with some of the world’s top datacenter providers. This wide network of providers allows us to build the right solution for our customers, no matter their need or location. For more information or to request a quote, please call 1(866)366-0911 or fill out our contact form below.

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