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In today’s world, employees are more connected than ever before. Having anywhere/anytime access to business information is becoming more and more commonplace and oftentimes a necessity. Using the latest technology can give your business the competitive edge needed to thrive in the current “always on” climate. However, unforeseen downtime with little or no access to these systems can cripple your operations and negatively impact your bottom line.

Traditionally, a business would house one or more servers at their office to accommodate their point of business application and communications systems. These deployments bring unique challenges. Business owners find themselves having to manage the computer and server infrastructure and focusing less on the business objectives. Additionally, locally stored information brings a level of risk and the possibility of data lost. This could be due to malicious software, environmental issues or even natural disasters.

These are all reasons why hosting providers (or “cloud computing”) has become so popular and widely used in today’s business technology solutions. Using hosted cloud solutions removes the challenges that business face with traditional on site deployments. The business no longer needs to maintain software, server hardware, data backups and costly hardware upgrades and forklifts. Businesses also benefit from a more budget friendly operational expenditure for services and not regular (and sometimes unpredictable) costly capital expenditures for upgrades or failed equipment.

It’s imperative that any business today, no matter how small or large, weigh the benefits of using a third party hosting provider for their information systems.

However, with so many different options available in today’s cloud computing world, it can sometimes be difficult for business owners to decide which technology solutions and services make the most sense for them. A good hosting solutions partner can assist you in navigating all the various options and technologies that are available today.

This is where Enformix Technology Services can help! As a certified Microsoft Service Provider Partner, we help customer’s everyday with their technology needs.

Below are just some of our hosting services available.

Microsoft Windows Server Platforms

Great for small to medium business offices, clinics, retail and more. Our server solutions are a good fit for business owners that do not want to invest in server hardware, software licensing and the needed maintenance that comes with on-premise systems.

Microsoft Office on premise and Office 365

One of the most widely used and popular office suites available. Enformix hosts the latest office suites for our hosted desktop customers as well as offering the new Office 365 suite to on premise customers. Our Office 365 customers benefit from having a real help desk to call for Office 365 assistance! Enformix also assists many businesses with migrating away from on premise systems to Office 365.

Microsoft Exchange E-mail services

Microsoft Exchange has long provided end users with e-mail, calendar and contact connectivity across all devices. Enformix is able to provide granular Exchange E-mail Services to our customers that are mostly unavailable from other providers. We also offer additional e-mail services such as, secure Encrypted E-mail (for Compliance with SOX HIPAA etc..) as well as E-mail Archiving,

SQL Server database services

Many of today’s applications such as EHR, CRM, Finance and E-commerce all require a robust backend database system such as SQL Server. However, with SQL Server, comes a tremendous amount of maintenance, support and cost. Enformix can host these systems for business and eliminate the need for customers to maintain on site hardware, backups and licensing. Enformix also staffs SQL Server experts that are available for service and project support at any time.

Fully hosted Windows desktop services

Many workers today need access to their systems from in the office and out of the office, on any device. Enformix can supply a fully hosted Windows desktop hosted solution for your business. These desktops can be accessible from low cost thin clients in your facility, mobile phone and tablet users or traditional laptop and desktop users. Our hosted desktop solution will include your line of business application along with a full suite of products including Office 2016, Exchange e-mail, Active Directory domain services as well as file and printer sharing.

Business today have more options than ever when it comes to choosing a hosting provider. Unfortunately not all come with the same level of customer service and responsiveness. Enformix customers benefit from real people that understand their needs and challenges and are available at anytime.

We have a fully staffed office of friendly, knowledgeable and experienced consultants and engineers who bring a high level of awareness and professionalism to every aspect of our customer’s needs.

Call us today and let our team of professionals sit down with you and design a technology solution that solves your immediate needs and is scalable for the future.

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